Transforming and inspiring NZ Healthcare

How do we make our hospital more welcoming?
How to give a hospital a makeover on a budget?

These are some of the many questions we receive from New Zealand hospitals and healthcare when it comes to decorating their space.

Don’t get us wrong, hospitals for children and adults need to be sterile and clean, but this aesthetic can also create an unwelcoming and cold environment which effects the mental health of patients and staff.

Here are 3 reasons why wall decals are the perfect way to decorate hospitals:

1) Wall decals take up no room as they are flush to the wall

2) Wall decals can be easily wiped clean and gather no dust like traditional canvases

3) They are an affordable option which creates a huge impact

The transformations and positive impacts from our wall art on the surrounding environments of hospitals have been a huge success. Distraction from the trauma for patients especially with our Tamariki and mental health departments are an atmosphere game changer.

Wall decals in hospitals relieve stress, they effectively bring a sense of tranquility to patient visits and create a positive atmosphere for staff.

Your Decal Shop has proudly worked with and revamped hospitals around New Zealand including Middlemore Hospital, Waitakere Hospital, Mid Central Children’s Ward (Palmerston North), Nelson Hospital, Wellington hospital maternity ward, Hawkes Bay hospital and more.

How does the process work?
So, you want to give your hospital/healthcare space a makeover but don’t know where to start? This is our process:

  1. Email us at and tell us a few things about your project. Here are some points that help us get a better picture:
      • Location of project and who you are
      • Tell us about your space. How many rooms, hallways, corridors you want revamped?
      • Send us photos of your space! Draw any rough sketches to show us your ideas.
      • Let us know your current budget and deadlines
      • download our "let's get started" guide to assist in these first steps.

    2. Our design team will read through your brief and discuss ideas that best suit your space in relation to your patients, visitors and your staff.
    3. We send you a custom-tailored proposal with photoshopped examples and a quote for your project. You can use this proposal to raise funds for the project if needed*.
    4. Once we get the go ahead, we will design your wall decals, create them and install them for you.

    *Do you want to give your ward a makeover but have little to no budget?  We understand, and we want to help. Reach out to us to see if you qualify for a free proposal with photoshopped images of your project which you can then use for fund raising. We have a high track record of assisting in raising funds to transform District Health Boards and would love to help make the change in your space.

    Send us an email at or feel free to give us a call for a chat on 0273322548.

    Nga mihi,

    Your Decal Shop

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