Transforming Spaces, Inspiring Hope: The Nelson Children's Ward Project

In the heart of Nelson, a remarkable transformation took place, illuminating the halls of the Children's Ward with creativity, compassion, and healing. At Your Decal Shop, we embarked on a journey that went beyond design; it was a mission to bring comfort, distraction, and solace to young patients and their families.

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How We Transformed the Space:

Using our expertise in decals, we turned the Children's Ward into a vibrant oasis. The power of distraction is immeasurable in healthcare settings. By adorning the walls with captivating decals, we created a world where children could escape the confines of their hospital beds and explore the wonders of the sea, right from their rooms. Each decal, meticulously crafted by us, became a portal to imagination, a source of joy amid medical challenges.

The Healing Power of Decals:

Decals are not just designs on walls; they are forms of distraction, conversations starters, and sources of hope. In the sterile environment of a hospital, our decals became windows to a world where fish swam freely, and Matariki stars lit up the night sky. They provided a sense of normalcy, a touch of the familiar in an otherwise unfamiliar setting. For young patients, they became friends, storytellers, and guardians of dreams.

How It Helps Patients and Families:

For patients, the decals offered a welcomed distraction, a chance to embark on adventures without leaving their rooms. For families, they provided moments of respite, a reminder that even in the midst of challenges, there is beauty and wonder to be found. Our designs transformed anxiety into curiosity, fear into wonder, and sterile walls into canvases of hope.

Why Choose Decals for Healthcare Spaces:

Decals offer a unique advantage in healthcare settings. They are cost-effective, non-intrusive, and easy to change, making them ideal for spaces that need frequent updates. Renovating hospitals and revamping healthcare environments no longer require extensive construction. With decals, the transformation is swift, hassle-free, and budget-friendly.

Our Commitment to Healing:

At Your Decal Shop, we believe in the power of design to heal. Our work extends beyond aesthetics; it's about creating environments where healing becomes a holistic experience. We understand the challenges healthcare spaces face, and our goal is to ease those challenges through thoughtful, engaging designs.


The Nelson Children's Ward project stands as a testament to the transformative power of decals. It's a story of creativity, compassion, and the profound impact of design on healing. As we look back on this journey, we are reminded that sometimes, all it takes is a bit of artistry, a touch of imagination, and a heart full of compassion to make a difference.

In every decal we create, we infuse the essence of hope, the spirit of resilience, and the promise of brighter days. Let us bring this transformative touch to your healthcare space, and together, let's create spaces where healing is not just a process but a profound experience.

To learn more about our healthcare decal solutions and to embark on your own transformative journey, contact us today. Your space, our canvas, a masterpiece of healing in the making. 


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