8 Reasons Why Our NZ Made Certification is at the Heart of Your Decal Shop

At Your Decal Shop, we take immense pride in our New Zealand roots. Our recent recognition as a certified NZ Made business isn't just a title; it's a reflection of our core values and dedication to our customers and country. Here are eight reasons why this certification is meaningful to us and advantageous to you.

1. Authentic Kiwi Craftsmanship

Every wall decal, mural, and bamboo letter that leaves our shop is a testament to genuine Kiwi craftsmanship. This certification is your assurance that you're receiving a product made with the heart and soul of New Zealand.

2. Quality You Can Trust

Our NZ Made certification symbolizes the trust and quality inherent in our products. When you choose our decals, you're selecting a quality that's been nurtured from design to delivery.

3. Swift and Sustainable Service

Being NZ Made means faster delivery for our locals. With a production process designed to minimise waste, we ensure sustainability is at the forefront, without compromising on speed.

4. Environmental Ethos

Our commitment to the environment is deep-rooted. With every step, from sourcing materials to production, we consider our environmental impact, ensuring that our business is as green as our beautiful country. Check out how our decals are made from recycled plastic bottles here 

5. Supporting Local Economy

By manufacturing in-house in Hawkes Bay, we contribute to the local economy. Our NZ Made certification is a commitment to local employment and using local resources whenever possible.

6. Charitable Contributions

Being a certified NZ Made business amplifies our ability to give back to the community. We take pride in supporting charities that make a difference, reflecting the true Kiwi spirit of community.

7. Designs that Celebrate NZ

Our designs are inspired by the unique beauty of New Zealand's nature. This certification underscores our dedication to celebrating and sharing our country's distinctive flora and fauna through our products.

8. A Symbol of Pride and Progress

We wear our NZ Made certification as a badge of honour. It is a symbol of our progress and the pride we take in our work. This recognition fuels our passion for innovation and excellence.

Our NZ Made certification is more than just a label; it's a narrative of our dedication to New Zealand's economy, environment, and essence. It represents our promise to you — to deliver products that are not only beautiful but also embody the spirit of Aotearoa.

Experience the best of New Zealand-made decor with Your Decal Shop. Explore our collection today and join us in celebrating a legacy of local craftsmanship and sustainability.

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