How to install Wall Decals

With our install videos, you will be surprised how easy Wall Decals are to apply.

Wall Decal Installation

Follow Shayla as she installs a large wall decal.

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watch diy video

Wall Decals

watch diy video

Mural Dots

Mural Dot Installation

Follow Shayla's steps of installing a large Mural Dot.

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Wall Mural Installation

Follow Shayla's steps of installing a large Mural.

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watch diy install


watch diy video


blackboard installation

Follow Shayla's steps of installing a Blackboard Decal.

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What do our customers have to say?

Can I Apply Decals to Textured walls

As long as the surface is smooth and not bumpy, a decal will adhere well. It is always good to give the wall a light sand and remove the dust before applying the Decal. This will help the Wall Decal to adhere. If your wall is extremely textured, we would recommend our framed art prints as your form of decoration.

Will Wall Decals damage my wall on removal

No! Our Decals are designed with a low tack adhesive allowing them to be removable.
If you find your decal is gripping on when you go to remove them, simply use a hairdryer to loosen the adhesive then remove.
Even though we can vouch for our Decals, we can't guarantee how your wall has been prepared. If you are painting, make sure you sand between coats and remove all dust with a slightly damp cloth. This also applies to gibboard once it has been plastered.

Can I place these Decals outdoors

Our Wall Decals are designed for interior use only. We however do offer a Custom Design service where we print onto a stronger adhesive vinyl and laminate it. This protects the decal from the elements (rain, wind and direct sunlight). This is perfect for shop fronts and vehicles including caravans and boats.

After painting a wall, how long until I can apply a Decal?

Good job, look at you go!

We suggest that you wait at least 2-3 weeks before applying a Wall Decal to allow your paint to completely dry.

How long will it take to receive my decal once I order it?

As all our Decals are made to order, it take us approximately 1-2 days to create your decal and then we ship it off with an overnight courier.

Once our courier has collected your package, you will receive a tracking number from Go Sweet Spot so you can see exactly where your decal is.
You can expect your decal to arrive 2-5 days after ordering in NZ.

Can decals be re-used?

Most of our decals are designed for one-time application. Our Woven Fabric Decals (Mural Dots and selected decals) are repositionable and reusable. However, all of our decals can be removed easily with absolutely no damage to your walls. You are going to want to redecorate again at some point so removable Decals are the way to go!

Do you have extra questions? Please reach out, we would love to help!

You can either email us at or give us a call on 0273322548