Why decals?

Wall decals have really taken off in the past couple of years with the likes of The Block NZ, Home and Garden and Homestyle Magazines, Stuff and the NZ Herald shining the spotlight on well designed, quality decals as key feature pieces that modernise and brighten a vast array of spaces.
Here at Your Decal Shop, we have certainly noticed more and more people choosing decals as a funky and unique way to express creativity. But before they do, one of the common questions we get is, why? Why decorate with decals?

Make it your own

There is nothing quite like your own creativity; a special photo, your inspirational words or a precious painting turned into a piece of art that dons your walls giving you a daily dose of pride. With our custom decals, you choose the design, select from a range of sizes and colours. It’s a great way to bring a one-of-a-kind personalised piece into your environment.


Reusable and repositionable – that means no holes!

Kiwi's are absolute lovers of DIY projects. We’re always tinkering with things and looking for new ways to revamp our existing space or furniture. With our vinyl wall decals you can change things around as often as you like as they easily peel off walls so you can reuse them elsewhere without any fuss.






So put away the hammer and nails, people, put away the hammer and nails. Whether you are after a full wallpaper affect, a mural dot, or a chalkboard, there is no need for tools or messy pastes.  A simple and effective way to completely transform a space.




Wow factor

The flat surface of a decal makes it feel and look like the art has been drawn or painted directly onto your wall giving it a wow factor that is bound to get your guests talking.


Be the business 

Transform a lackluster workspace and showcase your brand’s innovation and creativity with a range of decals from wall murals to styled frosted windows, customised info-graphics, whiteboard decals and lots more. www.yourdecalshop.co.nz/pages/custom-designs 

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