Office make-overs with wall murals

As the summer holidays draw to a close and as work starts to creep back into our well rested minds, it’s the ideal time to make over our offices and create an environment that is fun, focused and more productive than ever before.

Research suggests office environments play a significant role in fostering a culture that is solution-focused, uplifting and motivating. This includes comfy ergonomic furniture, correct lighting, a clean space, adequate storage, bringing nature indoors and, something we know all too well here at Your Decal Shop, decorating the walls that confine us every day.

Boring grey and bland white walls are completely out this year thanks to their much cooler cousin, colour therapy, which is taking off in the field of interior design. According to studies, certain colours can affect our moods and evoke key brain functions – the kind of functions we need for a successful year at work.
For example, blues and greens illicit calmness and productivity while hues of yellow encourage happiness and vibrancy.
With our vinyl wall decals, you can add colour to your walls while making an impressive statement and increase employee output.

The minor investment and significant return really is a no brainer.
Whether you are after something playful for the factory floor, practical for the boardroom or pleasantly surprising for reception, our range of wall murals has got you covered. Below are some of our favourite wall decal murals for offices, but if you have a particular image, photo or quote, send it to us and we’ll create a one just for you. 


And want to know something even better?

Our wall murals are removable and reusable so you can move them around offices or change them out whenever you want.

Check out our range of Murals here 

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