Raewyn Pope

Watercolour condenses time and consolidates experience

We are very excited to announce our collaboration with kiwi artist Raewyn Pope Illustration. We absolutely LOVE Raewyn’s cute and adorable watercolour artworks and couldn’t resist transforming these into high quality Wall Decals.

“Working with Your Decal Shop has been fantastic and it’s been great seeing my art to take on new possibilities. The fabric decals give a beautiful delicate woven texture to my characters and allow them to come to life in an exciting new way.”

Raewyn’s Inspiration

“I have a soft spot for all the animals and critters we share this world with and take inspiration from them to create my illustrations. I work with watercolour, gouache and acrylic inks to create lively and emotive images. I use layers of translucent colour to build up rich colours and textures in a loose illustrative style.”