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Full Frosted Window Decal

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Add privacy to a window with our Full Frosted window decal. 

They give the look of a sand blasted window without needing to replace glass and is more affordable! 

You will find that our frosted window decals not only give you privacy but also let in a lot of light. They also add an extra layer to your glass which helps insulate your space and blocks out UV rays. 

Your decal comes with an easy to follow application guide to assist with installation. Once your window decal is applied, you can trim out the edges so it fits your exact window dimensions. 

Size Options: 

Small - 1m high x 60cm wide

Medium - 1.5m high x 1m wide

Large - 2m high x 1.2m wide

    Easy & quick DIY installation

    Removable vinyl designed to leave minimal residues

    Matte finish so they don't reflect lights

    Cut from specialised vinyl (with no edges or backgrounds)

    Specifically designed for glass surfaces

    Long-lasting (think years!)

    Proudly designed & made in NZ

    Delivery Time:

    Estimated 2-3 working days in NZ –  that’s pretty good, as it’s made to order!

    If you have any questions, contact us at info@yourdecalshop.co.nz

    Size Small