White Ferns Batswoman

White Ferns Batswoman

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Stand tall with the "White Ferns Batswoman Wall Decal" and embody the spirit of New Zealand's esteemed women's cricket team. This powerful decal depicts a White Ferns player in full gear, poised and ready to face the next delivery with confidence and skill.

Made with care in New Zealand, this decal is a tribute to the expertise and determination that the White Ferns bring to the pitch. It’s crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring that the silhouette is sharp, the details are clear, and the decal remains resilient over time.

Ideal for any space that cricket fans cherish, this decal is simple to apply and just as easy to remove, ensuring no lasting marks on your walls. Whether you’re looking to inspire a young player or celebrate New Zealand cricket, this batswoman decal is a striking addition that captures the essence of the game and the prowess of the White Ferns.

Easy & quick DIY installation

Removable vinyl designed for minimal wall impact, using the finest materials.

Matte finish so they don't reflect lights

Cut from specialised vinyl (with no edges or backgrounds)

Specifically designed for home and office décor

Long-lasting (think years!)

Proudly designed & made in NZ

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Delivery Time:

Estimated 2-3 working days in NZ –  that’s pretty good, as it’s made to order!

If you have any questions, contact us at info@yourdecalshop.co.nz

Size 60cm high x 38cm wide


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