Whiteboard Markers

Whiteboard Markers

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Elevate your creativity with our magnetic whiteboard markers set.

Express ideas vividly using vibrant grey, blue, pink, green, purple, brown, yellow, and orange. Each pack comes with these 8 colours.

Effortlessly attach them to your fridge, keeping them always within reach. The marker caps feature built-in wipers, ensuring easy cleaning and a fresh start for your next brainstorming session.

Whether in the office, classroom, or home, these markers combine convenience and functionality to enhance your whiteboarding experience.

Elevate your workspace with the versatility and innovation of our magnetic whiteboard markers.


When you purchase this product, you are not only supporting environmentally friendly practices, but also our community.

This product is proudly designed and made in NZ

Environmental Considerations

We hold the belief that the integration of waste into society stands as a pivotal process when it comes to fostering an environmentally sustainable future.

Presently, plastic items are predominantly recognised as disposable commodities.

The Green ✔ Tick™ initiative facilitates utilising waste and reduces raw material need and eases landfill pressure.