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Polka Dots Wall Decals

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Get creative with our peel and stick Polka Dot wall decals.

Place these dots in any formation, however best suits your style and your space.

Available in 5 colours. 

Product Details:

  • Each packs comes with 80 dots at 3.5cm diameter in your in your chosen colour.

Design Tip: Order multiple packs to create a stunning wallpaper look in your space!

Easy & quick DIY installation

Removable vinyl without causing wall damage

Matte finish so they don't reflect lights

Cut from specialised vinyl (with no edges or backgrounds)

Specifically designed for home and office décor

Long-lasting (think years!)

Proudly designed & made in NZ

Delivery Time:

Estimated 2-3 working days in NZ –  that’s pretty good, as it’s made to order!

If you have any questions, contact us at info@yourdecalshop.co.nz

Colour Black


Follow Shayla as she installs a large Wall Decal.

Watch her process as she brings her walls to life.