Kia Kaha
Kia Kaha
Kia Kaha
Kia Kaha
Kia Kaha
Kia Kaha

Kia Kaha

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Discover our "Kia Kaha" wall decal – a powerful homage to resilience and community, born amidst the Hawke's Bay floods of 2023. This wall decal series is not just visually appealing of New Zealand's native flora but a celebration of the unbreakable will that rose from difficulty. Each piece in the collection encapsulates the solidarity and strength demonstrated by our community as we united to support one another, mirroring the resilience found in the heart of Aotearoa's natural wonders.

As Hawke's Bay faced the floods, it was the unyielding support amongst neighbours, the helping hands extended without hesitation, and the shared resolve that inspired this design. "Kia Kaha," meaning "stay strong," reflects not only the fortitude of our people but also the commanding presence of nature – a reminder that we are but stewards of this land that outlasts us in its beauty and strength.

The selection of native plants – Kowhai with its sunlit flowers, Pohutukawa with its verdant embrace, Manuka's grace, and Kawakawa's bold foliage – is a tribute to our deep-rooted connection with nature. These plants have withstood the tests of time and elements, much like our community in the face of the floods.

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Super easy DIY install

Matte finish with water-based inks

Environmentally Friendly & Safe

Engineered for clean and easy removal from most wall surfaces

Perfect for any smooth surface: Walls, doors, splash backs, ceilings, wallpaper, windows, floors, metal, plastic surfaces, fridges, furniture, cupboards, and more.

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Size 60cm wide x 32.2cm high


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From initial concept to final artwork, every Wall Decal is made to order in our Hawkes Bay design studio and shipped NZ and worldwide.