Hairy Maclary wall decals

Your Decal Shop are very excited to release our collab with Lynley Dodd & Penguin to create a range of DIY install and removable Hairy Maclary wall decals.

Here you will find an impressive range of Hairy Maclary characters such as Zackery Quack, Slinki Malinki, Schnitzel Von Krumm, Scarface Claw, Muffin Mclay, Hercules Morse, Bottomley Potts, Blister Maloney and more.

Our Hairy Maclary wall stickers are designed and made in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand by Your Decal Shop. They have been made for easy DIY install (they are super easy to apply!) and are completely removable without damaging your walls.

As Hairy Maclary wall decor is designed for children’s rooms, they are made with water based odourless inks which are safe your family and the environment.