Oliver’s Vintage World Map *Exclusive


Our 2 year old son Oliver is a little explorer, so we wanted to nurture this by creating a travel themed room for him. He loves exploring, animals and planes so we tied them together to create a unique wallpaper.

As we love innovation, we drew the first planes in aviation and because we wanted to make it child friendly, we added cats, dogs and rabbits as the pilots!

The subtle colours and matte finish make this wallpaper blend in like its been painted on the wall and instantly creates an oasis which we know Oliver loves.

Not only does this wallpaper look stunning, it’s also completely water-based, odorless and environmentally friendly. This Woven Fabric wallpaper is also super easy to apply and has the texture of cloth! Plus, its completely removable, repositionable and reusable. You simply peel off each panel and stick it on your wall. If its not in the right place, peel it back off and do it again. You can do this over 100+ times!

You will be inspired and impressed how quickly this Decal goes up and absolutely transforms your space to a finished room. Oliver’s Vintage World Map Wallpaper is the ultimate finishing touch for young explorers to be enjoyed within the comfort of your own home.

Exclusively designed and made by Your Decal Shop in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.


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