Botanical Wild Flowers Set


Botanical Wild Flowers Set Wall Decals

Create an instant art piece with our stunning Botanical Wild Flowers Set wall decals!

This set comes with all 5 flowers as shown in the example. If you were to arrange the flowers as we have, the total dimensions would become 2.45m wide x 1.4m high.

Flowers included in set:

1 x Glossy Leaved Pittosporum Wall Decal at 1.5m high x 97cm wide RRP $280.00

1 x Mountain Tree Peony Wall Decal at 1m high x 1.1m wide RRP $210.00

1 x Ayrshire Rose Wall Decal at 80cm high x 48cm wide RRP $160.00

1 x Crimson Flowered Dahlia Wall Decal at 1.5m high x 87cm wide RRP $280.00

1 x Fragrant Pinnated Rudbeckia Wall Decal at 1.5m high x 82cm wide RRP $280.00

RRP $1210.00. Set discount -$215.00 

Total $995.00

Application is as simple as Peel & Stick. These are also completely removable – we know, that’s awesome!

This Decal is seriously easy to apply and you will have a feature piece within minutes that is designed and made in NZ.

TOP: Add multiple flowers together from our Botanical Illustrations range to create an even larger feature wall!


Our take on 300-Year-Old Botanical Illustrations

Prior to the invention of photography, botanical illustration was the only way of visually recording the world’s many species of plant life. Today, science books are full of highly detailed photographs—often taken with a macro lens or even a microscope—allowing us to discover the fascinating forms of flora and fauna. However, before these advances in technology, it was artists and illustrators who were depended on to share the beauty of botany with the world. The job requires great artistic skill, attention to fine detail, and technical horticultural knowledge.

In the past, illustrations of plant life were used by physicians, pharmacists, botanical scientists, and gardeners for identification, analysis, and classification. While these works are not as relevant to researchers today, we have transformed them into art works that you can enjoy in your home of office as Wall Decals. We have enlarged the images and enhanced their quality to create vibrant and lively art pieces that you can enjoy today in your own layout.

All our decals are hand-made in-house by us right here in Hastings and are removable with a matte finish. They are also printed with water-based inks which are odourless and safe for you and the environment. We think that’s pretty cool.



Peel off Decal and application tape from backing paper


Stick Decal to your wall then remove application tape


Enjoy your new piece of art

Delivery Time:

  • Estimated 2-3 working days in NZ –  that’s pretty good, as it’s made to order!
  • Quick and easy installation – comes with free application squeegee
  • Quality removable vinyl Wall Decal
  • Vibrant water-based inks – that’s Eco-Friendly!
  • Matte finish so doesn’t reflect lights
  • Long-lasting (think years!)
  • Easily removable without causing damage to your walls
  • Made in New Zealand


If you have an additional question about this Decal feel free to contact us at info@yourdecalshop or call 0273322548.

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