3D Butterfly Wall Art


Create a stunning feature wall with our 3D Butterfly Wall Art Set!

Each Butterfly set comes with 12 Butterflies ranging from 11cm wide x 9.5cm high to 5.4cm wide x 4.5cm high.

Simply Peel & Stick them onto your wall to create an instant feature.

These Butterflies also come with a magnets which allows you to also apply them onto metal surfaces such windows and fridges!

To add a final touch, place our 3D butterfly Wall Art set onto one of our Floral Designs.


Scroll down for more details.

Frankie’s Nursery

Watch how our 3D Butterfly Wall Art Set on our Peonies Wall Decal transforms Frankie’s nursery into a floral oasis!

Fun & Easy install

Simply peel and stick your butterflies straight onto your wall, ceiling or furniture.

Luxury packaging

Each set of 3D Butterflies comes in a stunning matte black box. You won’t want to throw this away!

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