22 Karat Gold NZ Silhouette


Create an absolutely stunning and unique art piece with our 22 Karat Gold New Zealand Silhouette Wall Decal.

You will amazed by the colours and reflections of light these Decals give off with their burnished matte finish and attention to detail.

This Decal works perfectly for businesses or homes who are looking for an exceptional piece of art to display which you won’t find elsewhere.

New Zealand Silhouette comes in three size: 29.5cm high x 20.7cm wide, 59cm high x  41.5cm wide and 83.7m high x 59cm wide.

Each Decal is carefully handcrafted exclusively by Your Decal Shop to fit your exact order in New Zealand.

Please note: Due to the high attention to detail in creating our 22 Karat Gold Wall Decals, production takes approximately 5-7 working days.

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Hand designed and made in New Zealand in-house by Your Decal Shop. After being cut on our innovative machinery, we hand make the Decal vinyl using a scalpel with Microfiber gloves for excellence in attention to detail.

Each 22kt Gold Wall Decal is then packaged and sealed with our exclusive embossed quality seal.

Each 22kt Gold Wall Decal is then packaged and sealed with our exclusive embossed quality seal.

To verify your order, your 22 Karat Gold Wall Decal comes with a 330gsm Certificate of Authentication named, signed and dated by Your Decal Shop’s Founder Antony Clark. You will also receive an exclusive installation instructions guide to assist in the smooth application of your Gold Decal.

Hand-made in New Zealand

Unique and Exclusive Designs

Super easy application


22 Karat Gold Wall Decal

Easy Application

Long lasting – think years!

Removable without leaving residues

Perfect for any smooth non-porous surface

Our Journey With Gold


We are proud to announce that we have developed, designed and made the world’s first 22 Karat Gold Designer Wall Decals right here in New Zealand.

Our 22 Karat Gold is sourced and processed in Florida, USA. The gold is vaporised in a vacuum system, adhered to a film and placed onto a silicon liner.From our exclusive designs, which we create in-house, we make each Decal to order using the latest technology of vinyl production and finish each decal by hand. Being proud kiwis, we have a strong influence of Kiwiana and all things beautiful. You will see this in our designs, and all the way down to the details in the packaging.

We hope you absolutely love our stunning range of exclusive 22 Karat Gold Wall Decals in your home and business.

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