Playful decals for children

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The art of play is so important for a child’s development as it lets their imagination run wild and allows them learn at the same time.  It has been said that the surroundings in which this creative freedom takes place is just as important as the play itself.

A child’s bedroom is not just a place for sleep, but also a place for creativity, laughter, happiness and learning. It is where special moments are captured and where milestones are reached and celebrated. It is their sanctuary and, as they grow older, it will become a place of nostalgia. So, we better make it a special place.


How does something so tiny have such a huge impact on us? These precious bundles of joy come complete with their own unique personalities from the day they are born. A baby’s nursery is not only the room in which that personality grows, but also a place where Mum and Dad spend a lot of time. You can easily make it an enjoyable space with some simple furniture and stunning wall art, bringing positive energy in the day and a calming presence at night.

“you are my sun my moon and all of my stars” Wall Decal

Rainbow with custom name Wall Decal

Happy cartoon animals Wall Decal

Flower Wreath with own name Wall Decal

Young Children

We are fortunate to have our own little girl who takes us on a journey into the minds of young children every day. Her inquisitive nature, love of bright colours and obsessions with her own name and, of course, animals, led us to designing a range of hand-made children’s decals bound to make any kid jump up and down – even when it comes to learning. We are also excited to collaborate with Kiwi illustrator and designer Raewyn Pope who has brought a stunning range of watercolour critters to the children’s decal collection.

Children’s Cartoon World Map Wall Decal

Butterflies with your own name Wall Decal

Esme the bunny by Raewyn Pope Wall Decal

Cool kids

By now your children have probably established keen interests, which make it a super fun age to decorate their room. Whether they are into mounting biking or ballet, wall decals are a simple but effective way to showcase their passions. You could even make it a fun activity to do together – peruse through our website, find a design that suits, and install it together by simply peeling and sticking on the wall.

Drum Kit Wall Decal

Castle Chalkboard Wall Decal

Geometric Triangle Wall Decal

Space Rockets Wall Decal


These are the kids that are cool enough to recognise style but young enough to still want cuddles from Mum and playtime with friends. When it comes to design or fashion, it is all about what’s hot, what’s not and, more importantly, what are others doing? Thankfully we have the insight on that with our trending wall decals that your tweens will love.

Dream Catcher Wall Decal

Everything is Kapai by Glenn Jones Wall Decal

Burst Chalkboard Wall Decal