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Creating our Geometric King Fisher Decal

By August 11, 2016 BLOG
We are adding a new design to our geometric native bird’s series. Here’s a bit of the process. Keep tuned to watch the rest of the project develop. Can you tell what bird it is?
Here’s a video showing the process of assigning colours to our new Geometric King Fisher Decal.
“From a colour enhanced photo I have created in Photoshop, I select the most appealing colours and delegate this to each shape.” – Antony Clark
Our King Fisher wall decal is starting to come to life! After printing with water-based inks we transfer the decal over to a cutting machine that cuts out the edge of the bird.
Now for the final stage – applying our Geometric King Fisher decal to the wall. “Installing these decals are extremely easy and the vinyl is very forgiving if you need to lift it back off to re-stick. It really has become a feature piece in our entrance. I am looking forward to see what our visitors think once they come in!” – Antony Clark
Our Geometric King Fisher Decal is now available online! www.yourdecalshop.co.nz/product/geometric-king-fisher

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