Create a DIY sign for your wedding

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So, you have decided to create a welcome sign for your wedding, well done, they are so on trend right now!

What’s the trick for getting perfect hand-written text on your board? Use decals! Decals really do look like hand painting only with perfect fonts and no paint disasters! Installing decals only takes a couple of minutes so a huge time saver when you have so many things to think about for your wedding. And we all know how awesome New Zealanders are at DIY!

Decals provide super clean lines and give a professional look to your welcome sign, below we have created DIY instructions to create your sign.

Step 1

Choose your background

NZ Plywood or acrylic is the way to go here, easily found at Bunnings or Mitre 10. Choose wood with a nice finish and use a varnish to change the tones of the timber to your preferred colour, Bunnings have heaps of beautiful shades in the paint section with a display, so you can see how it will look on your board, high five Bunnings!

Choose a thickness of 12mm or more for your plywood to give your sign stability.

We have included a link below to the selection of ply available at Bunnings as you can see they have a huge range!

Step 2

Order your Decal.

Order your wedding decals from our NZ Wall Decal company customise your sign by entering your own names and you can even choose floral detailing for the top and bottom.

Step 3

Apply your Decal
About a week after you have finished varnishing your decals are ready to be added to your sign.

Measure the centre of your board and place your decal to match up.

Step 4


Congratulations! You now have a welcome sign to greet your guests and you can proudly say you made it!


To create a cohesive NZ wedding theme Your Decal shop offers a range of signage with the same fonts and style.

Checkout the links below for the decals to match your welcome sign:

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