Missouri Sunflower Wall Decal
Missouri Sunflower Wall Decal
Missouri Sunflower Wall Decal
Missouri Sunflower Wall Decal
Missouri Sunflower Wall Decal
Missouri Sunflower Wall Decal

Missouri Sunflower Wall Decal

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Create an instant art piece with our stunning Missouri Sunflower wall decal.

Our Missouri Sunflower wall decal is perfect for a dining room, lounge, hallway, bedroom, nursery or as a cute feature in an office. It is amazing how easily these go up and instantly create a stunning art piece.  

This wall decal is super easy to install and is easily removable.

Size Options:

Small: 80cm high x 38cm wide
Medium: 1.2m high x 70cm wide
Large: 1.5m high x 88cm wide

NZ Shipping: 2-3 working days

Removable without damaging your walls

Super easy DIY install (nothing like school books!)

Matte finish with water-based inks

Environmentally Friendly & Safe

Perfect for any smooth surface: Walls, doors, splash backs, ceilings, wallpaper, windows, floors, metal, plastic surfaces, fridges, furniture, cupboards, and more.

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Size Small

300-Year-Old Botanical Illustrations

Prior to the invention of photography, botanical illustration was the only way of visually recording the world’s many species of plant life. Today, science books are full of highly detailed photographs—often taken with a macro lens or even a microscope—allowing us to discover the fascinating forms of flora and fauna. However, before these advances in technology, it was artists and illustrators who were depended on to share the beauty of botany with the world. The job requires great artistic skill, attention to fine detail, and technical horticultural knowledge.

In the past, illustrations of plant life were used by physicians, pharmacists, botanical scientists, and gardeners for identification, analysis, and classification. While these works are not as relevant to researchers today, we have transformed them into art works that you can enjoy in your home of office as Wall Decals. We have enlarged the images and enhanced their quality to create vibrant and lively art pieces that you can enjoy today in your own layout.

All our decals are hand-made in-house by us right here in Hastings and are removable with a matte finish. They are also printed with water-based inks which are odourless and safe for you and the environment.

We think that’s pretty cool. If you have read up to know, you're intrigued. Take the next step and be impressed with how amazing this will look in your space. You will not be disappointed.


With our step by step installation videos, you can be confident to achieve amazing results with applying your decal.